LootScout is a platform for business to access capital, information, and an array of value-added services to build the best businesses on the planet - all at the speed of the Internet.
Where businesses find money
LootScout seeks to solve the number one problem plaguing small business: access to capital. We exist to help you access billions of dollars in capital. LootScout is not a lender. We are a platform to streamline the lending process using state-of-the art technology to assist you in accessing capital from many sources, most not known to the general public, including grants.
Our goal is to be the industry leader in sourcing capital for small business. What you see on the Web site today is only the beginning of new services to help you access capital, tools to grow your business, and information. LootScout is where business finds capital. Join now. Our team has expertise in accounting, finance, business development, economic development, marketing and the legal field. Put our team to work for you.


LootScout CEO Anthony Price
Anthony Price is the founder of LootScout.
"I admire entrepreneurs that start with an idea. They do what naysayers say can't be done. Like most entrepreneurs, a big problem led to my eureka moment. Over the years, I worked for economic development organizations in Connecticut helping small businesses access tens of millions of dollars in growth capital from both public and private sources--the vast majority of these alternative funds, including grants, are unknown to the general public. The number one complaint I heard from business owners was there was no resource to help businesses access the myriad of capital available, whether it be local, state, federal, or private. This got me thinking. Hmmm...days later, LootScout was born."
Anthony has worked in the alternative lending and economic development space for 12 years as an executive and entrepreneur. He has help businesses access tens of millions of dollars. He has worked with all types of businesses from restaurants, manufacturers, high tech companies, construction firms, fitness gyms and countless other businesses. He combines a rare blend of hands-on business development and entrepreneurial experience. He directed economic development activities in Waterbury, New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut. In Waterbury, Anthony was responsible for developing strategies to retain, recruit and develop new businesses. He has worked with many businesses, including a start-up that was purchased by a Fortune(R) 100 company for millions of dollars. Furthermore, Anthony created innovative marketing strategies and loaned millions of dollars to businesses.
His small business counseling experience is extensive, including strategic planning, marketing, business plan preparation and locating capital. In 2006, Anthony put his expertise to work as a volunteer in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to help small businesses recover from the devastating impact of Hurricane Rita. He was part of an exclusive volunteer network helping the Gulf Coast states recover. Anthony's efforts have been chronicled in various media, including print, radio and television. Moreover, he has written articles for newspapers and other publications. He continues to work with SCORE to help small businesses grow. Anthony earned a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from Post University and a Master's Degree in Organization Behavior from the University of Hartford.